Counseling and pastoral care

You are in safe hands!

Since July 2007 there is a social area for counseling and pastoral care. The director, Gabriele Fernsebner, completed a 3-year training at the Ignis Academy to become a Christian psychological counselor, in Kitzingen (FRG). Increasing stress, relationship conflicts, and life-changing or life-impairing circumstances are putting more and more people in states of psychological emergency, often making it difficult or impossible for them to cope with their lives.

In order to make their lives more worth living again, we offer the following areas within the framework of counseling and pastoral care:

  • Lifelong counseling
  • Addiction counseling (alcohol, drugs, etc.)
  • Pastoral care (what influence does faith or God have on our lives?)

You can reach the Counseling & Pastoral Care Center at: +43 (0) 664 88504121