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Interhospitaltransfer in Austria

Not every hospital can offer all types of medical examinations and therapies. That is why a lot of hospitals have specialised themselves on certain treatments and have established themselves as so called “Specialist Hospitals”.

We take care of your transport to a specialist hospital for treatment or further treatment and we bring you back to your “home hospital” afterwards. With these patient transports it is absolutely necessary to continue the ongoing clinical therapy seamlessly. For this purpose we have special technical equipment in our vehicles. All necessary and common medical surveillance and treatment options are at our disposal in these “driving intensive care units”. Additionally we have specially trained doctors available, for example anaesthetists, to accompany the patient during the transport.

repatriations throughout Europe

People love to spend there holidays abroad – they often refer to it as the most beautiful time of the year. But it’s not uncommon that an accident or an acute illness occurs which makes a hospital stay in a foreign country necessary. This may develop into a stressful situation rather quickly – language barriers, lower medical standards as well as the long distance to family and a trusted environment, may represent an additional heavy burden to the patient. We take care of your return transport in case of an accident or an illness from almost all European countries. For this purpose we have particularly comprehensively trained ambulance service personnel as well as doctors from a variety of different specialist disciplines at our disposal (if it is a medical necessity). The “driving intensive care unit” is used for the return transport of a patient back to their home country in case a certain health condition makes it necessary. Due to our teams professionalism and our up-to-date medical technical equipment, a trouble-free return transport is ensured and a huge burden will be taken off the patients shoulders.